At National Trust Scotland’s Greenbank Gardens, the Weekend Club engaged in a range of woodland activities for all ages, shared a lovely picnic lunch, planted trees and enjoyed a walk around the formal gardens.

We were delighted to partner with SCoJeC (Scottish Council for Jewish Communities) and Scottish Forestry on this session, with activities led by Operation Play Outdoors. After having a lovely picnic lunch in the woods, all participants, staff and volunteers did a ‘treesure’ hunt in which they raced around the woodland to search for different types of trees, learned about the names of native Scottish treesdid woodland craft activities and toasted marshmallows on the bonfireAfter participants had finished their hot drinks, they decorated their vegware cups and each family was given a small conifer tree to plant in their cup and take home with them.

We then planted six ceremonial trees as a group, which will be gifted to local care homesBefore the tree planting took place, Philip Mendehlson, Chair of Interfaith Glasgow and Treasurer of SCoJeCread the Jewish blessing on trees. The translation is as follows: “Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, Ruler of the universe, who continually does the work of creation”. After the tree planting was complete, participants had the opportunity to explore the formal gardens. 

We shared a wonderful afternoon in the autumn sunshine, appreciating what the beautiful site has to offer, admiring 200-year-old trees, and in the run-up to COP26, it was relevant to plant trees and discuss the importance of preserving nature for the future of our planet.