Faith to Faith

Monthly Dialogue Events with
St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

Named after the 6th Century Christian Saint who founded Glasgow, St Mungo’s (as it is affectionately known) is a world-leading museum dedicated to promoting understanding of – and respect for – the great diversity of human beliefs.  

Very good, necessary conversations, thanks for providing this space!

It was set up in the 1990s in consultation with Glasgow’s local faith communities, who continue to help shape the museum’s displays.  St Mungo’s aims to celebrate humanity’s spiritual quest and the richness of the many cultures that make up Glasgow, but it also reflects some of the negative aspects of religious life such as war, persecution, and the treatment of women. It provides the ideal setting for a dialogue series that is open to all, and which explores themes relating to faith, belief, and society, without shying away from challenging topics.

Many of the themes covered in our Faith to Faith series are suggested by participants and they have ranged from uplifting subjects such as faith and music, poetry, and popular culture, to more difficult issues such as faith and mental health, LGBT+ people of faith, coping with death and dying, domestic abuse, and sectarianism. Each event features at least two speakers who come from different faith or belief perspectives and who bring with them particular knowledge or personal experience of the topic.  One event, for example, featured young Israeli and Palestinian speakers, invited via an organisation called Solutions Not Sides, who shared their experiences of the conflict and their hopes for the future.  Participants sit in groups of about six, and after hearing from the speakers and some time for questions, they engage together in conversation. People often find that exploring such topics with people from diverse backgrounds can expand their horizons in unexpected ways.  As one participant said, the events are “always interesting and you always learn something new.”