Educational Resources

Primary School Age

Make and Learn!

Inspired by the popularity of the “Faith Table Workshops” at our we produced a series of videos teaching people about important religious objects with an accompanying craft activity.

Each video begins with engaging information about the religious object followed by a fun, step-by-step guide to making a simple version of that object.

These easy, fun activities are the ideal complement to RME classes on Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism and provide something fun for kids to do at home, whilst learning at the same time!

Jewish Torah Scrolls

Hindu Diya Lamps

Buddhist Prayer Flags

Learn about Religious Dress

These short engaging videos – featuring members of religious communities describing their religious dress and what it means to them – will complement RME classes in which children are learning about religion in practice.

Muslim Hijab

The 5Ks of Sikhism

Jewish Kippah

Buddhist Rakusu

Japanese Kimono

Secondary School Age

Challenging Stereotypes by Exploring Religious Dress

This longer film (12 mins) provides a useful resource for educators wishing to increase religious literacy and challenge stereotypes and misconceptions. It explores different forms of religious dress through the contributions of five speakers from different traditions: On the Kimono – Dr Saeko Yazaki, University of Glasgow; on the Five Ks of Sikhism – Sukhcharan Kaur, Sikhs in Scotland; on the Hijab – Safa Yousaf, Amina – the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre; on the Rakusu – Sensei Karl Kaliski, Cloud Water Zen Buddhist Centre; on Orthodox Jewish Dress – Daniel Frank, a member of Giffnock Synagogue.

In addition to exploring different forms of religious dress, the film gives an insight into what an interfaith event is like and why its important to meet and talk with people from other backgrounds; and includes some feedback from event participants.

Challenging Prejudice and Hate Speech

How to be an Upstander, not a Bystander (3.5 mins)

The first few minutes of this video feature experts and people with lived experience of hate crime explaining its impact and what it means to be an ‘upstander’.

Tackling Prejudice Through Interfaith Work (1 minute short)

Our CEO Dr Rose Drew explains why engaging with people from different backgrounds is so important if we want to tackle prejudice and live in a welcoming society where everyone feels safe and valued.

Faith and Belonging

‘We Belong to Glasgow’

In this video, young Glaswegians explore what it means to be a young person of faith growing up in Glasgow

Other Resources

You can find many text-based educational resources on these pages: