This strand of our work involves creating opportunities for intentional and sustained interfaith action – to address shared concerns and achieve shared goals.

Given how active faith communities are in areas such as social justice, and given the capacity of faith to motivate, to create effective networks of people, and to mobilise communities, there is huge potential for collaborative working in areas of shared concern.  And, since our inception, we’ve been working to tap this potential.

Our current work in this area is focused on:

  • fostering cooperation in tackling the social isolation experienced by new migrants and people from refugee backgrounds and aiding integration (see Weekend Club)
  • supporting collaboration between groups across the city tackling food poverty and calling for food justice from diverse faith and belief perspectives (see Interfaith Food Justice Network)
  • supporting and developing interfaith action in relation to the climate crisis (see Climate Justice).

Interfaith cooperative working, moreover, has benefits well beyond its impact on whatever specific problem is addressed. It fosters positive relationships, solidarity, and a sense of shared purpose between people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Weekend Club
Interfaith Food Justice Network
Climate Justice