Community Meals

Aiming to build bridges between people who might not normally have an opportunity to meet each other, and to replace ignorance and fear of the unknown with increased familiarity and a sense of the richness that diversity can bring, our interfaith community meals give people a chance to socialise and enjoy good food in the company of their neighbours.

These meals are often hosted by faith communities, with whom we work in partnership to provide the food and offer a warm welcome to the local community – people who may have walked past the building in which the meal is hosted many times without ever having stepped inside.  We work to ensure people from a diverse range of religion and belief backgrounds attend and sit together in mixed groups.

[I feel] very appreciative of the gracious hospitality – the informality makes personal connections possible

The table I was at were so respectful, warm, real, humble, kind – just a joyful vibe!

The host community offers some words of welcome and shares a little information about their community, before the food is served and informal conversation is encouraged though various means:  sometimes participants have been invited to bring an object to discuss, for example; sometimes conversation cards with questions on a theme of mutual interest might be scattered on the tables.

When Glasgow’s Sufi Muslim community welcomed people from diverse faith and belief communities to Masjid Khazra, for example, guests were shown around the mosque and learnt about its history, before sharing a meal with their hosts, and – sitting in small groups – discussing ways in which they and their faith communities could build stronger connections with each other.