We were delighted to host members of the Interfaith Food Justice Network at our IFJN Community Celebration! This was an opportunity for organisations and individuals to come together to socialise, network, and celebrate the excellent work they’ve done over the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After seeing all the hard work of groups providing food for those in need in Glasgow throughout the pandemic, the IFJN coordinating team hosted an event to celebrate this work. This marked our first in person IFJN gathering in over two years, at which many of the network members met for the first time face to face.
This community meal was all about celebrating the collaboration shown by members of the network in response to food insecurity during the pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, there was a shift in energy from the IFJN. Organisations were motivated to provide emergency food relief and other services to those who were impacted by the pandemic – people who lost their jobs, who found themselves in difficult financial situations, vulnerable people isolating who needed deliveries because they couldn’t leave their homes, refugees and asylum seekers who came here for safety and were met with very isolating conditions, and many more.  The response from IFJN organisations was wonderful. If anyone was unable to provide for someone in need, another organisation would step in to help. Food requests were answered. Surplus food was shared.
The community spirit and heart shown from individuals and organisations was – and continues to be – so inspiring. This event was a celebration of that. Thank you all who came along for a wonderful evening of socialising, networking, and eating good food!