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Recognising that young people are essential to the sustainability of good interfaith relations, youth initiatives are a key focus for us.

Our recent youth work has included:

Interfaith youth visit to Glasgow Gurdwara

On the 22 March 2015, a group of young people visited the Central Gurdwara, 138 Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7HY to increase interfaith understanding.

This was a chance for young people from different faith and belief backgrounds to find out a bit about what Sikhs believe and how they practice, including a guided tour of the Gurdwara, some traditional Punjabi cuisine, and gave the young people an opportunity to chat to some young Sikhs.

Youth Led Interfaith Family Fun Day

In the months leading up to Interfaith Week our youth worker Harpreet worked with a fantastic group of young people from different faith communities to bring you our 2014 Interfaith Week celebration.  15 young people from six different religion and belief backgrounds met regularly to get to know each other and plan every aspect of the day. You can see the results of their hard work in the video below.

“It was lovely to see so many different people coming together”

Over 150 were involved and we owe our thanks to all of them. There were stalls hosted by nine of the different faith communities to which Glasgow is home; religious calligraphy workshops; face-painting and henna; a Wishing Tree workshop where people expressed their hopes for the future of interfaith relations in Glasgow; arts and crafts; and delicious Asian food. The people who came along came from many diverse backgrounds and they really entered the spirit of the day, chatting to new people, learning new things and having fun!

“a great experience!”

Some commented on how impressed they were by the exhibition put together by the young volunteers who planned the event – featuring religious and non-religious role models who they find inspiring. The volunteers were very positive about their experience:

 Photo 30-11-2014 16 35 40“This was the first time I had worked with people of another faith…I loved seeing the different faith stalls next to each other.  I loved seeing people of different faiths talking to each other”. 


Photo 30-11-2014 15 24 57
“I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the different faiths within the community”. 


Photo 30-11-2014 16 01 47Our Interfaith Wishing Tree workshop allowed participants on the day to artistically express their hopes for the future of interfaith relations in Glasgow.  Wishes included, for example:  “For parents and their children to love and respect each other and to spend time together, developing a love and understanding for people of all different countries and cultures” and “that it becomes normal for us all to get together and do things together”.  We hope our Fun Day made a small contribution to the realisation of these wishes in Glasgow.




‘Stepping into Diversity’ Youth Filmmaking Project

We established a partnership with the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council to run an interfaith youth project called “Stepping into Diversity”.  This project brought young people from Sikh, Muslim and Pagan backgrounds together to create a film called “We Belong to Glasgow” which explores what it is like to be a young person of faith in the city.  During this journey the young people participated in interfaith discussions and an Away Day to Auchengillan

During Interfaith Week 2013 the “Stepping into Diversity” group was featured on BBC Radio Scotland

Here is what the young people said about the experience

What we enjoyed – “Meeting New People” “Opportunity to work with people from various faiths” “learning how to use cameras” 

What we learned – “learned about common aspects between faiths” “learned a lot about other faiths – some I knew nothing about” 

Is filmmaking a good way of bringing young people together “Yes … its great fun” “Yes because you can interact with others” “Yes I think it such a fun way to learn different things and to discuss different things with different people”

What advice would they give to other young people involved in interfaith work? “I’d tell them to be open minded” “Talk to new people” “Enjoy yourselves and learn as much as you can from each other” 

Check out the finished product here

Spiritual Object Studio – 20 January 2013

Building on the enthusiasm we encountered amongst the young people who attended our Interfaith Schools Day, in January 2013 we facilitated a follow-up dialogue at St Mungo’s with a group from one of the schools involved.  Each pupil brought along an object of personal spiritual significance to discuss with the group, before going to be photographed with their objects by photographer Liz Hingley.


Interfaith Schools Day – 30 November 2012

During Scottish Interfaith Week 2012, Interfaith Glasgow hosted an Interfaith Schools Day at St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, where we worked with twenty pioneering young people from three Glasgow schools (and their teachers), who are interested in fostering pupil-led interfaith activity in their schools.  Feedback from the young people and teachers was very encouraging and there was great enthusiasm to create regular opportunities for interfaith dialogue in their schools.