Stepping into Diversity is an 18 month heritage project on which Interfaith Glasgow (IFG) is partnering with the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC). Read on to find out more about the project…


Dilmeet and Clare at the launch

A crucial strand of the project involves supporting young people to learn more about each other’s diverse faith traditions. This will include making short films about experiences of being young people of faith in Glasgow and experiences of positive interfaith engagement.

We hope to recruit 12-14 young people from different faith communities in Glasgow to form a core group, and there’ll also be opportunities for others to be involved at various points. Clare (IFG) and Dilmeet (WSREC) will work closely with this group over the coming year, facilitating the building of trust and friendship, mutual learning about one another’s faith traditions and places of worship, and thinking about the role of religion in society and how to combat prejudice. The group will then work together to create two short films which aim to increase appreciation of Glasgow’s diverse religious heritage and understanding of young people of faith in Glasgow, and to showcase the value of interfaith engagement.

A snapshot of those attending the Stepping into Diversity launch

A snapshot of those attending the Stepping into Diversity launch

Along the way, the young people who take part will have the chance to gain valuable skills, including working and leading a team, planning a film shoot, interview techniques, video editing, and communication skills.

We’re recruiting now, so to apply or find out more, contact us at:

NB: the wider Stepping into Diversity Project offers volunteer opportunities for all age groups. If you would like to know more about the other opportunities available, please contact Ben Williams:

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