11 Feb 2014
February 11, 2014

Growing in Friendship (Part 2)

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As we progressed into the first section of the project, our friendships have grown in depth as we got to know one another better. Sometimes just ‘getting along’ and doing fun things together is a great way to do Interfaith work. Continue reading to see more of our journey on the SID project.


One of our highlights from the whole project (so far!) has been our trip to the Auchengillen Centre which is just out past Milgavnie for anyone who might be interested in that. It’s a scout centre which offers outdoor activities, and for this trip we opted for crate climbing and orienteering as both of these are really great activities for breaking down barriers (sometimes quite literally) and also for team building.

We set out early, and one of the main focuses of the day was to put together all the essential elements for a short film which would tell the story of our day. This started with the all-important interviews with each other on the bus, telling the story of where we were going and what we expected to happen – Hans (our filmmaker for the project) told us that this was the first step to any good documentary!


When we got there, we had some time to chill out before getting into teams for our first task: orienteering. Naturally, we divided into girls vs boys for a bit of healthy competition and to see who could orienteer their way to each of the targets first.

Surprise, surprise though, the boys got really lost in the marshes and the girls won this task! Who said that girls can’t read maps!?

On to the next task and we’re climbing crates and mastering the team work – we have to rely on each other to keep us each from falling and also to pile the crates so they are secure, and that none of us fall off! What a fun activity!

After all of the activities we pack up our gear and have a quick debrief of the day. Some of the highlights included being competitive, some discussions about faith over lunch, but mostly people enjoyed getting to know each other and building friendship. We think that this is one of the most important aspects of friendship, and therefore, this day was a huge success! Can’t wait for the next one!


Friendship is one of the easiest ways we can start to get involved in ‘Interfaith’ work in our day-to-day lives. I once read an article, which said: “Interfaith friendships stand for hope — hope for a world that will outgrow sectarian violence and cultural hostility. Every time I relate to a person of another faith with an open and kind heart, rather than any desire to convert or control, I in essence am casting a vote for such a hopeful future. In essence, I am choosing curiosity over competition.” (1)

Take a moment to think about the friendships you could build in your communities, and about the hope you might bring as you do.