2014 Interfaith Family Fun Day



Interfaith Glasgow is a newly incorporated Scottish charity specialising in promoting and facilitating constructive engagement between different faith and belief communities in Glasgow, so as to help create a better-connected, safer, and more harmonious city for all. We aim to deliver innovative programmes of activities aimed, firstly, at increasing friendships and societal interaction between people of diverse faiths and beliefs; secondly, at fostering greater mutual understanding and challenging prejudices and misconceptions; and, thirdly, at increasing opportunities for people from different faith communities to work cooperatively to address issues of common concern. Initially a project of Interfaith Scotland’s (the national agency for interfaith dialogue), we have been operating since October 2012 and became an independent charity (SCIO) in May 2016. Our core funding is from the Scottish Government.

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Our Weekend Club Project is an innovative programme of events providing activities over the weekend for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Our Weekend Club officer, Mohamed Omar, along with 10 dedicated volunteers from different faith and belief traditions have worked hard to make this pilot project the success it is!

Together they have planned and delivered various fantastic events including a visit to the Christmas market, a ceilidh and Burns  Supper, a visit to Bannockburn,  shortbread making, an introduction to Scots Law and a visit to New Lanark, to name just a few of the fun events undertaken over the last 10 months.

If you are interested in volunteering, or attending the weekend Club, please email Mohamed or call 0141 558 0778

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Please join our community of Interfaith supporters and friends by signing the Declaration of Support! So far 95 people from different faith and belief traditions and organisations across Glasgow have signed.



Philip Mendlesohn (Chair) and Safa Yousaf (Vice Chair) sign Declaration with Lynnda Wardle (Acting Director)

Chair Philip Mendelsohn and Safa Yousaf (Vice Chair) sign Declaration with Lynnda Wardle (Acting Director)

Statement concerning the Interfaith service at St Mary’s Cathedral, Dec 2016

St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow has a proud history of interfaith engagement and we have worked with them over the years to support their efforts to build bridges in Scotland’s most religiously diverse city.

It is unfortunate, then, that the Cathedral has experienced such a tide of criticism and abuse in the wake of its recent decision to invite a Muslim woman to recite a section of the Quran during the Cathedral’s Epiphany service at the beginning of the month.   There is certainly a legitimate theological debate to be had about whether it is appropriate for members of one faith tradition to contribute to worship by another faith.

However, at a time when intolerance and mistrust of the ‘other’ is rife, the degree of hostility Cathedral officials have experienced has far outstripped the bounds of respectful debate.  The Board and staff of Interfaith Glasgow would, therefore, like to publicly express our support for the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth and the congregation of St Mary’s at this difficult time.

We know them, have worked with them, and are united with them in a common desire to build friendships across faith communities.  Given the Islamophobic content of some of the criticisms made, we would also like to reaffirm our solidarity with the Muslim community in Glasgow and beyond.

We are in no doubt that the interfaith friendships many here have worked hard to build will endure well beyond the current storm.